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L-2455 Diode Array Detector


The L-2455 Diode Array Detector is designed as a single-beam photometric detector with a grating monochromator. It is equipped with a 1024-bit diode array element to suply the highest spectral resolution over the complete wavelength range.

When used in combination with the EZChrom Elite chromatography data system, the L-2455 Diode Array Detector records and processes 3-dimensional chromatographic data. 3D chormatogram data can be background-subtracted and displayed as contour plot, as 3D chromatograms, as extracted 2D chromatograms, and as extracted spectra. You can also select combinations of these display modes.

The following advanced 3D functions are available:
  • Automatic peak identification by comparison of analyte spectra with library spectra.
  • Peak purity assessment by comparison of spectra taken at different positions of the peak.
  • Comparison of spectra and calculation of similarity indices.
  • "Hit List" of best fitting spectra with similarity indices.
  • Max Plot: Chromatogram at absorbance maximum for each analyte.
  • Wavelength bunching: Chromatogram calculated over a specified wavelength range for optimizing sensitivity.
  • Ratio Plot: Ratio chromatogram calculated from chromatograms at two different wavelengths for assessing peak purity.



L-2455 Diode Array Detector Specifications
Optics Single-beam photometric detector with grating monochromator and 1024-bit diode array
Light source D2 and W lamps
Hg lamp for wavelength calibration
Wavelength range 190 - 900 nm
Noise < 0.5 x 10-5 AU (at 250 nm and 600 nm)
Drift < 0.5 x 10-3 AU/h (at 250 nm and 600 nm)
Slit width 1 nm or 4 nm
Wavelength time program by EZChrom Elite
Spectrum scan function with background subtraction by EZChrom Elite
GLP functions Auto calibration using Hg lamp
Lamp energy check
Log for usage
Lamp replacement date
Serial number registration in unit memory
Safety Leak sensor, Error handling
Input/Output contact signals START IN
Power requirements 24 V DC, 100 W
Dimensions 13.5 in (W) x 15.75 in (D) x 6.0 in (D)
(340 mm (W) x 400 mm (D) x 150mm (D))
Weight approx. 26 lbs (12 kg)

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